I always had the dream of having a place where you could escape from the everyday routine of a busy life. A place where you could be comfortable abroad, but still feel at home. We started building Casa Punta Negra in 2008, and thanks to the collaboration of many people we now have eight beautiful guest rooms, a pool and a restaurant/bar area.

We have come a long way since 2010 when we first welcomed guests. In the beginning we had plastic furniture, charged by the person and crammed as many twin beds into the rooms as we could. Now our rooms are elegantly decorated havens for couples and families and we have “real” furniture in the restaurant and on the terraces. Although we are close to the beaches of Santa Rosa, Pocitas and San Bartolo, our guests often choose to spend the afternoon relaxing by the pool, eating delicious meals and “piqueos” prepared by our weekend chef, Agustin.

We want to thank the following people for helping us turn our dream into a stunning reality: Vilma Diaz, who camped out on the site during construction and who is still our “go-to Lady” whenever we need a problem solved; Ron B. Wilson, thank you for bringing your amazing photographs and videos, as well as investing so many other resources; Juan, Yuli, Jorge Lara, Heidy Lara, and Mauricio de las Casas, for all your support. Without you all this project would not have been possible.

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